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Booking the Mini Medical School

Pipeline open house

Having Mini Medical School get involved with my event made such a significant difference ... The event was livelier with the energy of the students, and they engaged directly with the community.

Past MMS participant

How do I Book Mini Medical School for my Event?

We’re glad to hear you are interested in having our students come to your community event! Please email us at with details about the event and any particular groups you would like to come.

We will be sure to email you with confirmation of your request and ask the requested groups to come to the event. A director of external affairs, noted in the email, will be your main point of contact.

What Does the Mini Medical School Bring?

Autism PosterboardOur students use a variety of tools to disseminate information at Mini Medical School presentations. These can include live presentations, PowerPoint presentations, posters, and tabling. Pictured to the right is a poster board from one of our recent presentations. Click on the image to see a larger, higher resolution version of the image.

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