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How to Join the Mini Medical School

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How Do I Become a Mini Medical School Member?

Please download and fill out this application to become a student member of Mini Medical School. Applications are only accepted within the first two weeks of the quarter, so please check the front page for deadlines. Read the instructions, fill it out appropriately, and send your application to Note that the main purpose of our application is to help us get to know you better and put you in your desired group.

After you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email. You will soon be connected with a project leader from one of your indicated interests.

When you are contacted, communicate with your project leader about the presentation and group, and help accomplish goals!

How Do I Become a Project Leader?

If you are passionate about a project that is not listed on our application, you are welcome to take leadership and initiate the project yourself. Here's how to do it:

  • Come to one of our meetings and speak to an executive board officer about the topic you want to initiate. After the officer approves your topic, gather two other members to download and fill out this new group proposal form
    • Present your information to an officer for official approval to start working on a project in process. Make sure to keep in contact with an officer regarding the status of your project and reach out if you need help or have any other inquiries!

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