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Mini Medical School

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The Mini Medical School at the UC Riverside School of Medicine

The Mini Medical School (MMS) at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine is a student-run community-driven pipeline program founded in 2012. This health education process serves the residents of Inland Southern California by providing professionally approved medical- and health-related information to those in community settings in order to help bridge health disparities.

Mini Medical School (MMS) is a pipeline program to the UCR School of Medicine. It was founded as a response to the Inland Empire being one of the most underserved areas in all of the US.

Students go out into the community and offer professionally approved medical- or health-related information through student made pamphlets and presentations to reduce health care barriers while empowering the residents of Inland Southern California with knowledge that will help them prevent and manage their diseases.

Mini Medical School not only benefits the community, but also develops vital skills in pre-health students such as public speaking, underserved community experience, and collaborative ability. MMS also hosts medical student panels, lectures from UCR SOM faculty, and skill workshops to enrich its members to prepare for their field.

Mini Medical School continues to grow within the community of UCR and Inland Southern California and has served over thousands of residents by offering information on diabetes, oral health, nutrition, and many other issues within the community.

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