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Forms & Documents


Links to Mini Medical School Forms & Documents

These are the common forms used in the Mini Medical School program. If you have questions or require assistance on the usage of these documents, please contact

Roles and Responsibilities

General Members: For more information, please view General Member Roles and Responsibilities

Project Leaders: For more information, please view Project Leader Roles and Responsibilities

Policies and Requirements

Please view the Policies for Point Requirement for information on point distribution and requirements for project groups and individual members to stay active in MMS.

Please use the Hours Audit Form to track your hours. Members requesting MMS placement on resume/applications must fill out the Hours Audit Form and have their respective Project Leader verify/sign off on their contribution.

For more information on the requirements to place MMS on your resume/applications, please view Requesting MMS Placement on Resume/Applications.

Venue Completion Form

Please use the Venue Completion Form to ensure your project group receives points for attending a venue. This form must be filled out by Project Leaders and sent to the respective Director of Training their project group is under.

Purchase Request Form

Please use the Purchase Request Form to request materials such as poster boards and markers or visual aids for your project. Please send the completed form to our email along with the link(s) to the product(s).

  • All purchases will be made through UCR School of Medicine, as MMS will NOT be offering any reimbursements.
    • Reimbursements will NOT be provided if you purchase something for MMS.
  • Personal items must not be on approved purchases.
  • You must be a project leader and have been approved to go to community venues.
  • Please direct any questions to

Purchase Request Form Word Document Link

Project Presentation Guidelines

Please use the Project Presentation Guidelines form to review the expectations of MMS projects in regards to development timeline and content as well as possible ways and methods to execute your project. You must discuss your potential project with an executive board member before filling out this form.

New MMS Members Training Checklist

Please use the New MMS Members Training Checklist to ensure that all of our MMS members are knowledgeable about their project group's topic to provide accurate information to the community and trained on how to present with their group.